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英文短语 English Phrase

  • have something under your belt
  • hold the water
  • rags to rich
  • let off the hook
  • out of the picture
  • you are a lemon
  • above the water
  • in one’s shoe
  • monkey business
  • late bloomer
  • kudos to you
  • you are salty, low key, snatched, tea,
  • mickey house
  • split hairs
  • cancelled 抵制,取关
  • shoot the breeze 吹水
  • butterfly in the stomach
  • a social buterfly
  • apple and orange; apple of one’s eye; the apple never falls far from the tree; As american as applie pie; sure as god made little green apples; bad apple, rotten apple; one bad apple spoil the whole bunch; rotten to the core;  polish apple; upset the apple cart; banana country; second / top banana; go banana; cherry-pick; life is a bowl of cherries; not give a fig; melon; Peach; peachs and cream; sour grapes;  forbidden fruits; bear fruit;