随着“住房不炒”的热议,结合当下的大环境,我们可做几点预测:1、从推高地价到征收房产税,是中国房地产经济的必然走向;2、不断推高的房价一定程度上是以资产泡沫替代通胀压力;3、“ 学区房”是张迟早过期的粮票;4、城市流入人口非接盘侠;5、投机性需求堆起来的房价,一如股价怎么上去将怎么下来。

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What To Do When Receiving The Defective Products From China?

It is possible to request a third party inspection company to sort the defects when only 1, 2 or 3 defect types caused the inspection to fail. As it focuses on few defects only, a much higher quantity of goods can be inspected within the same amount of time, ensuring a higher representativeness of the sample. It gives a better idea of the importance of those defects within the overall order. Moreover, the buyer has two choices:

Request the rework of the sorted goods and follow the choices of replacing/reworking the goods as above
Ship only the acceptable goods

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