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I love reading, history, watching NBA game. Try to improve a bit every day! Try New Thing! Learn by doing. Teaching can learn fast! Practice make perfect!

I am a lighting compliance engineer.

Has a deep understanding of Lighting products and  address safety requirements and resolve design challenges of new technologies for clients.

Conduct Safety compliance testing, report writing, and obtain certifications Using scientific methods, conduct design of experiments and Lighting Products failure analysis.

Work with Lighting buyers to ensure that product safety is addressed and maintained during production.

I hope to die on MARS one day, Haha!

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My location, Living GuangZhou, China:


We have completed the subject project plan and received the necessary information and/ or samples to continue your project. Please review the attached Project Plan letter for important project information about the UL service(s) you requested.

There may be some additional requested information needed during the investigation specified in the letter.

Contact me to address any questions or discrepancies in the letter.


REVIEW REQUIRED: UL Project Number 4787174003, Product Description: IFAM,UL+CUL, 2 MODELS, 2 WET LOCATION

NTC  Partysite:

ShenZhen New Testing Centre Co Ltd: SUB# 100539-284,  party site no: 35310;
Dongguan New Testing Centre Co Ltd: SUB# 1584064;

华测检测认证集团股份有限公司  Centre Testing International Group Co Ltd,  SUB#100506444


UL 1993 SELF-BALLASTED LAMPS AND LAMP ADAPTERS- Edition 4 – Issue Date 2012/12/04
CSA C22.2 NO. 1993-12 SELF-BALLASTED LAMPS AND LAMP ADAPTERS- Edition 2 – Issue Date 2012/12/04

Flex Document 要求:

* Deliverables and Outputs: Index, description, section general, appendix, , CRD, 报告用到的图纸和照片( 命名为“EXXXX-0000000-I-1”或 “EXXXX-0000000-F-1”), test reference的附件(命名为“EXXXX-0000000-TesRef-I-1”  )

* Datasheets and Test Records:  datasheet, test record, test reference.

* Facility Assessment (ie, DAP): 放检验证书。

* Reference Materials:  PR RecCert.docx, 和给PR时候的补充辅助性资料,不会给RTC上传,只供reviewer参考使用





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Светодиоднаялампа  ชิปLED LâmpadadeLED

Crescer luz growlight Wachsen Licht Crecer ligero 植物育成ledライト





LED 전구 해체


Zerlegen LED-Glühbirnen

Wie man eine LED Lampe öffnen how to open LED lamp
led lampe öffnen
taschenlampe flashlight