How I Edited An Agricultural Paper

What is the point of view?
• Why was the old gentleman so flustered and the towns people
so fascinated?
• Was the author an agriculture expert? How do we know? Cite
examples of irony and satire.
• How long did the author serve as editor? (Long vs. short stint)
• How did the author feel about critics? Editors?
• Why do you think he felt this way?

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A Day At Niagara– Mark Twain

Mark Twain once said of Niagara Falls: “Although it was wonderful to see all that water tumbling down, it would be even more wonderful to see all that water tumbling up.”
The Niagara River forms the U.S.-Canadian Border and allows Lake Erie to drain northwest into Lake Ontario. Lake Ontario is about 100 m lower than Lake Erie; the Falls and the rapids account for most of the elevation difference. The energy derived from water falling over the falls, with average total flows of 750,000 U.S. gallons (2.8 million liters) per second, fuel multiple power plants on the river. Power Plants downstream from the plant generate 4.4 million kilowatts of power for both Ontario and New York.

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