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English lEARNING From Simpons

E13  Leeches  水蛭; 蚂蟥; 依赖他人钱财者; 攫取他人收益者; 寄生虫 vicious and viper  恶毒的; 狂暴的; 残酷的; 凶猛危险的; 充满仇恨的; 严厉的; and 毒蛇; 蝰蛇(一种小毒蛇); 毒如蛇蝎的人; 险恶的人 split up 分开 scab on society’s knee  伤疤 get a pony  小马; 矮马; 小型马; 25英镑; stay in your lane sit in the skybox (体育场的)贵宾看台 have a cyst removed 囊肿; 囊; 包囊; do not resuscitate […]

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English Learning From Simpsons

the man of hour an object of the public attention  fossilized scarecrow withered old corn husk with a rotten apple fora head clogs ungrateful jackals kill button unhand me, you ape  gorilla, orangutan someone is have a day.  attorneys  last spark of goodness in you  extinguished en garde 预备;实战姿势;基本姿势; mammoth  tornails 指甲 renaissance pope wrap […]

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3D drawing

  you can find some good stuff on the internet, but need money. and that losts of design, which in the world, you can not easily pass them, MAN. you find that failure, no use for your future, no any improvement.   ecro lighting suspension light from mutto  LED Chip  IKEA hanging Lamp  desk lamp  […]

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