Visit Prague

I read some info from the internet, feeling not good the info. So I would like write/ tide up the info form the internet. I want to cover a range of topics from Czech travel and tourist information to Czech cuisine, traditions and culture, language, history, and more.   Amazing Fact — Where beer is […]

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The Secrets Used To Make Millions From Social Media

Selling or reselling products that you can make or buy for 10% of the sale price is the way to go. My favorite is items that you can buy for $10 or less and sell for $100 or less. My businesses like that have a 90% gross margin.

The only thing better than that is information based products such as what Tai Lopez sells. The cost of those “courses” is near $0 and when he sells them for $67 then about $1 is cost for the servers and the rest is all profit. Of course, you have to invest a lot into marketing those information and education based products too. Tai spends over $2M a month on advertising.

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