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Creating Waffle Charts for fun

Excel can creat the Waffle Charts, Python also can do it.  but you have to the EXCEL 365, it would be easy, LOL. MS, Dman it. you can refer to Sort, SEQUENCE Function. Python makes it easy. In the pycharm, copy this a Code:  import pandas as pdimport matplotlib.pyplot as pltfrom pywaffle import Waffledf […]

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有时候你真的很难想象居然有这奇葩的事情。 医院究竟是用来做什么的。简直是slay human 这一天是20220105。 不知道以后有没有人记得这些怪事。 不敢看那个视频,也不想看。 究竟是为了什么。

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