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A Dog’s Tale by Mark Twain

The book is told from the standpoint of a loyal household pet, a dog self-described by the first sentence of the story; “My father was a St. Bernard, my mother was a collie, but I am a Presbyterian.” The story begins with a description of the dog’s life as a puppy and her separation from her mother, which to her was inexplicable. Her puppy and her owner’s new child were soon added to her new home. When a fire breaks out in the nursery, the dog risks her life to drag the baby to safety. In the process, her motives are misunderstood and she is cruelly beaten by the father of the family with a cane, resulting in her leg getting broken. Soon, however, the truth of the situation is discovered and she receives no end of praise. Later in the story, her puppy dies, killed by the father of the family to prove his opinion on optics to his scientist peers. Only a servant seems to realize the irony of this, exclaiming, “Poor little doggie, you saved HIS child!” In the end, the dog (who does not realize her puppy is dead until her own hour is upon her) pines inconsolable over the grave of the puppy with the clear implication that she will do so until death.

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最近家里面多了一只白猫,和我一样在做牢!   Refer: 1, 一只猫在人间 2,猫城记 3,猫和老鼠 4,穿皮靴的猫 5,一只公猫的生活馆 6,我是猫 7,热铁皮屋顶上的猫

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