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2023 Big News Look Back

Bloomber, the economist, 60 mins, wall street Polymatter DW , ABC-In-depth, CNBC, BBC, National Gerographic, VOX, branch eduction , frontline , bussinessinsider, TED  The Vox 2023 a look back to the news! Day:  2024-01: 05, 06, 07 A look back to 2022, repeated 2024-01-07   A look back 2016 in 5 mins     A […]

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English lEARNING From Simpons

E13  Leeches  水蛭; 蚂蟥; 依赖他人钱财者; 攫取他人收益者; 寄生虫 vicious and viper  恶毒的; 狂暴的; 残酷的; 凶猛危险的; 充满仇恨的; 严厉的; and 毒蛇; 蝰蛇(一种小毒蛇); 毒如蛇蝎的人; 险恶的人 split up 分开 scab on society’s knee  伤疤 get a pony  小马; 矮马; 小型马; 25英镑; stay in your lane sit in the skybox (体育场的)贵宾看台 have a cyst removed 囊肿; 囊; 包囊; do not resuscitate […]

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