The Fanfare From Philips LED A19 Smart Bulb

The range of color-changing LED bulbs have won over many smart home enthusiasts with their flexible effects and easy installation, but while controlling lighting from a smartphone or tablet is catnip to geeks, the less tech-savvy were left bemoaning their suddenly redundant physical light switches. Enter Hue Tap, a tactile and portable way to bring up to four presets out of the app and into the real world.

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Lifesmart Bluetooth LED Smart Bulb Teardown

As my first “smart bulb”, I think it’s a nifty and useful gadget. handsome led bulb appearence. Because it’s dimmable, it solves the problem of having to purchase several different bulbs in various “wattages”. The app is fair to good . but it isn’t compatible with Alexa or Google Home (that i can tell…. Otherwise, it’s a decently priced, bluetooth controlled, color changing LED bulb. the bluetooth is inside. that is too bad design.

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