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英文短语 English Phrase

  • have something under your belt
  • not hold  water 经得起考验,符合逻辑,可靠,有效.  hold sb’s water 别纠缠,少啰嗦,别着急
  • rags to rich
  • let off the hook
  • out of the picture 不重要;未参与, 不必要,多余
  • you are a lemon 指质量不好的次品及不值钱的东西。 buy a lemon 的意思是“买到假货
  • above the water
  • in one’s shoe
  • monkey business
  • late bloomer
  • kudos to you
  • you are salty, low key, snatched, tea,
  • mickey house
  • split hairs 鸡蛋找骨头
  • cancelled 抵制,取关
  • shoot the breeze 吹水
  • butterfly in the stomach
  • a social buterfly
  • apple and orange; apple of one’s eye; the apple never falls far from the tree; As american as applie pie; sure as god made little green apples; bad apple, rotten apple; one bad apple spoil the whole bunch; rotten to the core;  polish apple; upset the apple cart; banana country; second / top banana; go banana; cherry-pick; life is a bowl of cherries; not give a fig; melon; Peach; peachs and cream; sour grapes;  forbidden fruits; bear fruit;
  • put your foot in your mouth
  • light bulb monent
  • oh-no-she-didn’t moment
  • sleep on it 好好考虑一夜; 把…留待第二天再作决定
  • crunch  time
  • you rock, a r amazing, rock it.
  • psych, 骗你的
  • like a million dollors.
  • face the music
  • your call, up to you, you decide
  • go-to answer 值得信赖的 go-to man
  • over the top OTT 夸张, 言过其实,夸大。
  • a blessing in the disguise  因祸得福
  • up in the air 悬而未决; 未决定
  • wrap it up 结束。差不多
  • once in a blue moon, 千载难逢; 百年不遇; 很少
  • hang in there
  • tar sb with the same brush. 一丘之貉, 一路人
  • the glass always greener 这山比那山高。
  • come on to sb, 吃豆腐
  • tips of iceberg
  • agree to disagree  搁置争议; 同意各自保留不同意见,求存同异
  • out of trouble, out of blue, out of dange, out of mind, 失去理智, out of touch, out of work, 失业, out of reach.  out of concern 出于关系, out of criosty, out of hearing, out of patience, out of sight, 看不见,out of breath, out of doubt 确实, out of condition, 身体不适。out of control, out of stock, out of faction, out ot shape, 变形, out of step 不同步, out of frying pan into the fire, out of question, out of the questioni, impossible..
  • slight tight.   biggig,  put a sock in it.  brak aleg,  boycott = canceld , win hand downs,  fired, harsh.  smell a  rat, keep it up.  nick of time.   here is the link: Cartoons for kids: Out of This Word – Bigwig EP02
  • heavy heart , ploting against, witchery, banish,  quarter,
  • fighting the clock…. hundred-yard dash
  • drop the ball
  • perfect storm 雪上加桑, 屋漏偏逢连夜雨
  • juice up, beef up, ramp up. ran out of juice, full of juice, juice up = drink and have fun, juice up the system , what is your beef / complain ?? he brings lots of beef to the team,  make atronger.
  • information below, come and see me, come to me  okay with you, good for you.
  • cover song, 翻唱,cover  for me 顶班,  cover me 掩护我

there is a youtube channel named, learn real english, teach me to learn the english phrase, talking, listening, from kid to young kid, teenager, adult material. at least 90%  of the listeing, without pausing and looking the addittionary.  do not learn the grammer,  learning first, learn deeply until you are fine of that, use the real english material, reading material, fun and easy, childen book, commic book?  teenager book, adult book, magazine, newspaper, novel,  listeing is about 80% of learning english.  childen movie, teenager movie, adult movie,  audiobook.    TV program, podcast.  not the testbook,  that is great.  listen the material and answer the question. learning grammer for writting, in native speaker, like our monther language.

we are on the same road.   sad story. OMG.

辛普森一家, 咱们裸熊, 开心汉堡店, 瑞克和莫媂, big bang, desperate laby, 怪诞小镇

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