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Big Dog And Small Human

Ok, so you love your dog and you think she’s the coolest dog ever. Naturally you want to showcase this to the whole world, but then you’re presented with a problem – how? Photographer Mitch Boyer has an answer for you – enlarge it!

A few months ago I started photoshopping images of my Dachshund, Vivian in her ‘true size’,” said Mitch to Bored Panda. “She has a larger than life personality and I wanted to capture it in a picture.

Now the dynamic duo is taking on Kickstarter with a plan to release the kid’s book about the big dog’s adventures in the big city “Vivian the Dog Moves to Brooklyn.” How adorable is that?

This is Vivian


She always takes up the entire couch


Most dachshunds think they are big dogs, but Vivian is literally huge


She lives in New York


She’s always on the hunt for food




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