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The 50 Great American Things List To Do In The US Before You Leave The Earth

America is big.

Life is short. And whether you are the kind of traveler who strays off the beaten path or one who hits the biggest damn tourist trap no matter the number of the selfie sticks, you have to admit that some places across this great land of ours absolutely MUST be visited before you die. Even if you are not starring in a buddy movie with Morgan Freeman.

But  where are they?

And what should you do when you get there?

From national parks and monuments, to baseball stadiums, beaches, and amazing road trips, we narrowed down the most iconic, popular, beautiful, historic, fun, delicious, awe-inspiring(should we go on?) parts of the country to 50 must-dos places/activities. And while, sure, some are obvious and others may be a little cliche – they are all still distinctly, 100% America. Now, how many have you ticked off your list?

Walk the Freedom Trail In Boston


Even if you fell asleep repeatedly in history class, walking this 2.5 mile path (just follow the red-brick line!) that passes 16 historical landmarks – from Paul Revere’s house and the Old North Church to Bunker Hill and the USS Constitution – is a must for any American. Just do not forget to stop as the Union Oyster House, one of Boston’s oldest restaurants. along the way.

Compare Philly cheese steaks  from old rivals Geno’s and Pat’s


Team Geno’s, just saying. Although, yes, we know there are a lot of places to get great cheeses steaks in Philly, which is why we put together this neighborhood guild.

Catch a Broadway Show in NYC

Broadway Show

If you can not score Hamilton tickets(don’t worry, pretty much no no can), hit up the TKTS booths in Times Square for same-day discounted show seats to something, then take you obligatory “NYC  Baby” selfie and get the hell out of there. Trying to tackle all the New York’s greatness is like trying to keep up with every new dating app, it is damn near impossible. Concentrate on the biggies: eat a pastrami sandwich at Katz’s Deli, walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, and stroll Soho and Greenwich Village.

Drive Cape Cod to Province town in the summer


Yes, there is a lot you do not understand about the Cape, but that is exactly why you should see it all. From the Bourne Bridge to the Chatham Light(and the Squire!), Truro’s vineyards to the Cape Cod National Seashore, plan to eat lobster roll along the way at one of these waterside spots, stop for a drink at the Beachcomber  in Wellfleet, and end the night strolling around Provincetown.

Eat Buffalo wings in Buffalo

Anchor Bar

You sort of have to go to Anchor Bar, the famed “birthplace” of Buffalo wings. And when you are done enjoying wings (and live jazz!),  walk it all off on an architecture tour of seven Frank Lioyd Wright Structures.

Bike the National Mall in DC

National Mall

The best way to cruise DC’s landmark is on a two-wheeler. Start in Rock Creek Park, head along the Potomac, and finish on the National Mall, Peddling past the Lincoln Memorial, and the  Jefferson Memorial, and the WWII Memorial, and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, and the Washington Monument… you get the idea. Stop and peruse the Smithsonian museums. End at the Capitol and Union Station. Ideally, do all of this in the spring when you can also appreciate about a million cherry blossoms. Afterward, grab a beer at District ChopHouse & Brewery – earned it.

Feel the mist of Niagara Falls


Sure, may be it is one of the biggest tourist traps in the whole damn game, but it is one you want to get caught in Buying a ticket, put on your plastic poncho, and hop aboard Maid of the mist.

Eat blue Crabs on the water in Maryland

Cantlers Riverside

Be extra legit about it by boating up to Cantler’s Riverside Inn in Annapolis. And when you are done cracking crabs, stroll through town or tour the Naval Academy.

Peep the fall foliage in New England

Autumn In Vermont

The move here is to hop a car during peak foliage season(usually in October) and cruise Vermont’s byways, a collection of 10 roads that winds through the state’s farmlands, forests, and glorious Green Mountains. Then driver up through New Hampshire(may be hit this bar that sits in two states) and keep heading east into Maine, only stopping for syrup and cheese along the way.

See a show at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville

Opry Stage

You can not go to Nashville without going country, and this barn-structured stage has housed the world’s best(from June Carter to Dolly Parton) Since 1925. Sitting in those red velet seats literally makes you part of music history. Also, Nashville is No.1 city in America to spend a weekend.

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