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Power Tips From A Self-Help Book??

Small errors and disciplines determine everything in life!!

Small errors repeated over time become our bad habits. Tiny discipline repeated over time become good ones.

They are applicable to every single area of life – health, wealth, spiritual life, relationships, happiness, education. You won’t find a single exception. Jeff Olson made those two statements the core of The Slight Edge.

You can choose what you will excel at by choosing how you spend your time. If you spend it griping and complaining you will become a master griper and complainer. If you spend it writing, you will become an excellent writer. It is as simple as that.

The Law Of Nature

The definition of the law of nature is “a generalization that describes recurring faces or events in nature.

For example, the laws of thermodynamics are the laws of nature. Have you ever even seen an object whose temperature was raised on its own without the energy input from an external source? I DON’T THINK SO!

Practical Philosophy For Average Joes

What is so special about this book is the Jeff framed its core message into a practical life philosophy. The Slight Edge turned out to hold a solution for many people because it helped common people improve their lives.

The most recent edition(Nov 2013) includes the stories of reader who transformed their lives thanks to upgrading their personal philosophies with The Slight Edge philosophy elements.

These testimonials confirm that this is not a fancy theory presented by millionaires to explain their success. Average, common folks who live in accordance with this law are getting results. Your action doesn’t have to be perfect or grand to help you achieve what you want. It just needs to lead you in the right direction and be consistent.

I Am One Of Those “Average Joes”

My story is included in The Slight Edge. Reading i,  I realized that this law is true and I can use it to my advantage. Or rather, I can work in accordance to this law.

Before my life transformation, a good chunk of my personal philosophy was the belief that bot much depends on my actions. I was afraid that my efforts to get more out of life would be in vain. I would work my ass off just to get exhausted. My dreams could not come true.

But I reminded myself to the instance where I did something consistently and got the results. It wasn’t a massive action, but it was focused and stretched over a long period of time.

I studied during the whole holiday break one year before finishing high school and was able to pass all the final exams without breaking a sweat. I showed up to every university lecture and received a scholarship.

I did one series of pushups every day for a few years and I extended my limits. I was eventually able to do more than 120 consecutive pushups.

This realization has shaken my small world. Something clicked in my head. My personal philosophy shifted into “time plus effort equals results.


I developed tiny disciplines, which I practiced consistently: tracking my expense, tracking my calorie intake, writing, speed- reading.

I observed some results almost immediately. Within a month, I was reading almost 50 percent faster. In seven months, I reached my dream weight.  Those rapid results kept me going with the disciplines I could not have believed would have ever brought me results.

Wrestling with limiting beliefs

My personal philosophy didn’t include an ounce of belief that I could make money on my own. In my teenage years, I was involved in multi-level marketing and it finished fast and hard. I dreamed about millions, but I didn’t earn a dime. For me that was proof that I was unable to generate an income on my own. It was set in my mind as firmly as the knowledge that sun rises in the east.

I didn’t believe I could have a writing career. But results in other areas of my life caused me to give the law of errors and disciplines a try in this regard, too. I wrote and wrote. I published my first book, then a second. I wasn’t breaking even.

Doing impossible via small disciplines

I published a third book and refined my marketing a bit. The sales grew a bit. After publishing my fourth book, my royalties reached 2 percent of my 9 to 5 job’s salary. I started to earn money. It was chicken feed compared with my payroll, but it was enough to crush my belief that I “absolutely cannot earn a dime on my own.”

Royalties exceeded the cost of covers, blog hosting, and mailing list software. I was like,“Well, at this rate, I’ll be able to support myself on my retirement.”

Then I published my fifth book, Master Your Time in 10 Minutes a Day and the sky has fallen. It became an Amazon bestseller. I earned half of my monthly salary in February 2014.


This law works. I experienced it firsthand. You don’t need to believe it to make it work in your life. You don’t need to believe in the law of gravity to be grounded either.

I stormed the top 80 percent ranks of bestselling indie authors within less than a year because I purposefully adjusted my actions to the law of errors and disciplines.

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