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What makes a man decide to marry?

Ellen Vrana Answer:
I’m not a man, so I asked one:

Me: Husband, what made you marry?
Husband: Which time?
Me: What do you mean which time? You’ve only been married once.
Husband: That you know of
Me: Knock it off.  This is serious, this is for Quora.
Husband: Why, does she want to marry me too?
Me: Quora certainly does not want to marry you.
Husband: Well I don’t want to marry her either.
Me: Fine.  You’re not going to marry Quora. So what did make you marry?
Husband: You know why.
Me: I know I think I know why, but maybe I was wrong.
Husband: No one else would have me.
Me:  That’s what I thought.
Husband: No one else would have you either.
Me:  Quora didn’t ask about that.
Husband: We’re perfect because no one else would put up with either of us.
Me: Well that’s for damn sure.

5 min later.

Husband: Who is Cora?  Is that your friend from home?  I thought all your home friends were already married.

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