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What are the top ten things I should experience in life?

Vishwas Londhe

  1. Athletic body. Then you will know the difference.
  2. Be with a critical patient (in ICU/ICCU) in hospital as much as possible till his/her discharge. You will know what the patient and the others are going through.
  3. Be a part of rescue team in any disaster, natural or man-made. You will understand what extreme sorrow is.
  4. A seven day trek, to know you can live happily without so many things.
  5. Obsessive reading of fiction. This will extend limits of your imagination.
  6. Obsessive reading of philosophy. You will know that nobody actually knows.
  7. Holding your baby. You will understand what love is.
  8. Learn any art. You will then be able to appreciate any art.
  9. One year in hostel. You will know what a home means.
  10. For one year be with grand parents. You will know what maturity is.

All the above I have written based on my experiences. I hope it helps in your quest.

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