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difficult and useful things learn in their 20s

Nikant Vohra

  • Hardwork alone wont take you anywhere. You have been taught all through your life that hard work is the key to success. You have probably worked very hard to get a good job. But if you think that by working harder you will get all the things you want then think twice. Now you have to start working smarter. You have to invest not only in work but also in building relationships with some key people.


  • Getting a good job wont solve your money problems. You were very pleased with yourself when you got your first job. You thought from now on you wont have to care much about money. But my friend the thought of money will never leave you alone. If you are not financially educated you will open yourself to various liabilities like credit cards, loans etc and you will keep running after money all through your life.


  • Good friends are hard to find. Some of your best friendships will be formed in your school or college life. Its very hard to form lifelong friendships once you are in a job. Your colleagues may be very good but somehow you are not able to form strong friendship bonds in your corporate life.


  • Life is not fair. It never was and it never will be. The sooner you accept this fact, the sooner you will be at peace with yourself. Gone are the days when you were rewarded on the basis of your performance alone. Your boss will suck. Your relationships might not work for you. You will blame everyone in your life for not being fair. But you will have to realize that life was not meant to be fair.


  • Following your heart is harder than it seems. You have a passion for something in your life. It can be photography, music or starting a company. In order to continue with you passion you may have to take risks in life. You may have to make some trade offs in your life to do something you love. Most people give up on their passions in their 20’s because they are too afraid to take risks.


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