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make money with writing, specifically blogging

Thomas Smale

I am going to share a method to start your own profitable business that has worked for me in the past and I have a lot of confidence in the method. It will require some upfront work, but if you put in the work 6-12 months down the road you will be happy you did.

This strategy requires:

  1. Little to no technical knowledge
  2. No coding or SEO knowledge
  3. No experience with running a website before
  4. Around $100 in start up cash (you could invest more or less)

In short, the idea will be to create a website that promotes/reviews products that have an affiliate program, rank in Google for keywords related to these products and then sell the website for a million (or close to it).

The steps are pretty simple:

  1. Pick an evergreen niche
    1. This means a niche that will always be around and is not going anywhere
    2. You want to work in niches that will always have demand
  2. Go to Amazon and find as many products within this niche as possible
    1. Put all of the products into an excel spreadsheet w/ a link to the product page
    2. Try to group the products together by product type. For example, in the food niche you would put all of the blenders together and all of the coffee makers together
    3. Try to find at least 100 products. The more the better
  3. Find a domain name that fits with your niche and create a wordpress blog
  4. Write product reviews for each product in your spreadsheet
    1. Try to have each review be 1000+ words each
    2. Try to write at least product review per week. The faster the better!
  5. Once you finish writing all of the product reviews you can expand into broader topics
    1. For example, write a review article based on your product topics that formed earlier
    2. This is where you would write “The Best Smoothie Blenders in 2016” type of articles
    3. Do this for all of the different product types that you have
    4. Do this for 6–12 months
    5. If you can consistently write a new article at least once a week you will see nice growth over a 6–12 month period
    6. The most important part is to consistently write new content
  6. After 12 months you should be making a good chunk of money each month
  7. At this point you should try to find more products that you missed the first time and keep trying to add new content as much as possible.
  8. This money will be passive as you would have already done all of the hard work of writing all of the content and you can now just rake it in.
  9. You can continue to make passive income each month OR sell the site for 20–30x monthly profit

The amount of time you can spend on this can vary. If you want to spend as little time as possible, then I would suggest outsourcing your content articles.

If you have any questions about this strategy let me know, I would be happy to help!

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