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If you work at a luxury car dealership, what do you say if a teen comes in just to sit in a car and get a picture?

Jesse Peak

THIS KID ASKED IF HE COULD TAKE IT FOR PROM…We have a ton of fun at our store when kids come in and sit in cars.

Key word is fun- I grab their phone and instantly open up snapchat or instagram and take a photo of them in the vehicle. Sometimes I lock em in the car and remote start it then record their reaction – priceless sometimes. Its all about having fun- these vehicles are just metal there is no reason why a teen or child shouldnt be able to come in and sit in their dream vehicle.

I have even taken kids out on test drives in vettes and other super cars just because!

I think if we all approached every situation- in or outside of the dealership with how we would want to be treated as a teen we would treat people much better!

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