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Why do doctors in India/China write in a bad handwriting?

This was 5-6 years ago. A close friend of mine, supposedly busy with exams, messaged me out of the blue. He had just started his medical course (MBBS) a few months ago.

Just a week ago, we had spoken and he told that he had his exams. I’d wished him luck, and assumed he wouldn’t message me for 2-3 weeks, until his exams were over. I already knew about the hectic schedules, HUGE books, gargantuan syllabus etc. I was doing my engineering, and we were used to skipping a few chapters altogether, since we had a choice of studying and answering from 5 out of the 8 units. He’d laughed when I told him this, and told me, we NEED to know everything. Not only for the syllabus’ sake, but also it’s peoples’ lives we’d be dealing with. So, we can’t put our hands up and say, “I don’t know what’s wrong with you. Your symptoms are OUT OF SYLLABUS!

Coming back to the sms,

He : Now I know why doctors have bad handwritings.


Me : Haha.. Why? How did your exam go?


He : I continuously wrote for 3 hours straight. But, I barely managed to answer 70 marks.

[50 was the passing mark, he said]

Me : Oh.. What happened?

[I’m sure I would have typed, “Wat happnd?” back then! Anyway. He used to be quite good in high school. And used to score pretty well too.]

He : By the time 2 hours had passed, I realized I’d answered only for about 30 marks.  I had to somehow put words on paper, as soon as possible. If I had bothered about my handwriting, I’d have failed my exams in the first year itself!

Edit :
As a consequence of repeated fast-paced writing, and handwriting taking the back seat, the brain gets rewired and accustomed to the new handwriting.
After reading a few of the comments, apparently, the implication has been abstruse for some.

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