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MR16 LED Lamp Teardown

MR 16 LED bulb was used for spot luminaire, and i have 1 pcs, I want to break it down.

Try it with 12 Vdc power souce.

Input current is 0.22A, input voltage is 12Vdc, power is about 2.5 W。

The is light is on. Glare!!!

Remove the diffuser, 4 chips inside.

LED MR 16 front view.

LED MR 16 back view.

LED MR 16 inside, plastic housing.

LED MR 16 chip board, solder by man. Bad quality!It shows RU, it is an American company named UL, E323040 is manufacturer file number under UL.

LED board back view.

MR16 LED component.

MR16 LED driver with potting.

MR16 driver without potting

MR16 LED driver front view

MR16 LED driver back view.

MR16 LED driver capacitor, 25 V, 220 uf.

MR16 LED driver  IC, writes DU24xx40


Temperature Test for some area.

Back Housing temperature.

Others like optical parameter, can not test due to I do not have money enough.


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