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The Top X List Love

Psychologists have discovered a “Top-10 Effect”, where people lump things into round number group and view everything else as inferior.

We love lists because it helps us to process massive amount of information by categorizing them into groups.

For reader are easy to read and remember.

Deliverable. Blog post can be crappy. If you have promised me a special number, you are committed to at least giving me that. As a reader I dig that.

Topic. Some blogs have bad titles. But you have now told me exactly what you are going to give me.

Format. Stream of consciousness works reads at 200 words per minute, meaning the average post will take 60 seconds. Your number list lets me find what I am looking for in a fraction of that time.

Bain Porn. Brains love small, odd number. We love them in a digit form more than long form, and we love that they have done the work of organizing data for us amid the chaos of unqualified information.

For Quora can beat Google in suggestion/recommendation space. Google show us People-Rank human generated ranking which sometimes produces better results in terms of relevance and broader /deeper knowledge of the context/semantics of the subject matter.

And now what am I going to do for my blog post?!

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