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The Art Of Growing Up War?!

Can we can plant something on the the spaceship, even on the Mars one day?! I am confused for this! A lot questions in my mind! I want to understand this completely.

First Step, buying some books to read.

1, LED Lighting For Urban Agriculture, Toyoki Kozai, Kazuhiro Fujiwara, Erik S.Runkle;

2, 完全制御型植物工場のコストダウン手法, 高辻正基

3, 人工光型植物工場 世界に広がる日本の農業革命 古在 豊樹

4,  植物工場経営 明暗をわける戦略とビジネスモデル 技術中心から経営の時代へ イクマ,ヒトシ ミワ,ヤスフミ 井熊均/編著 三輪泰史/編著

5,  電照栽培の基礎と実践: 光の質・量・タイミングで植物をコントロール ヒサマツ,タモツ 久松完/監修

Second step, search info in the internet.

Let us summary up!

For the light grow we need to care the spectrum, it is important. Which is better? which is useless? We need to beard in mind.


Now, lets do the experiement to help the plant to grow.

Before We are trying I MUST to tell you guys the Chinese Tale .

To Pull up the Seedlings to Help Them Grow

Once upon a time, an old farmer planted a plot of rice. Everyday he went to the field to watch the seedlings grow.He saw the young shoots break through the soil and grow taller each day. But still, he thought they were growing too slowly. He got impatient with the young plants. “How could the plants grow faster?” He tossed in bed during the night and could not sleep. Suddenly he hit upon an idea. He had an idea not wait for daybreak. He jumped out of the bed and dashed to the field. By the moonlight, he began working on the rice seedlings. One by one, he pulled up the young plants by half an inch. When he finished pulling, it was already morning. Straightening his back, he said to himself, “What a wonderful idea! Look, how much taller the plants have grown one night!” With great satisfaction, he went back home. He told his son what he had done in a triumphant tone. His son was shocked. Now the sun had risen. The young man was heart-broken to see all the pulled-up young plants dying.
People now use ” Ba Miao Zhu Zhang” to describe the behavior of those who are too eager to get something done only to make it worse. The idiom is a bit like the English proverb “Haste makes waste” ——to spoil things by excessive enthusiasm.

Yes, I do not to this! But in the future we may live the mars, we have to do this!

Price Table List:

Item Price
Seed 3 RMB
Tool 11.8 RMB
Plant-soil 12.8 RMB
Flower-Stand 16.8 RMB
Flower-pot 16.8 RMB
Grow Lamp 36.0 RMB
Total 97.2 RMB  (usd 14.12, 2017-03-28)


At last, I am trying to make a LED Grow Light like below picture, I am not a designer, so to copy others design.

Buying LED Grow Light Bulb


Let me turn the light on. I do not check the spectrum for this products.

Grow Light On




Remove the plastic of housing

Remove the screws, you can find the driver inside! It is super sad to see the manufacturer to use this driver! We all know the LED driver is the brain of the LED products, once the driver failed, sorry the LED products gone. The driver is attacheted by glue. One more question, will the live part touched the alumi?


Feeling sad for buying this product. Why? It is bad quality!





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