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IKEA 20306274-19972-400LM-5W

IKEA Ryet 400lm Equivalent 35 W LED Bulb REVIEW

These 2 pack LED bubls are 14.99 RMB only, pretty cheap in the IKEA. Like most brand in the market. But Why? Is there something wrong with IKEA? Or are there many in the warehouse? Just like the Chinese Real estate inventory?

Package Box

Package-1 Package-2

From side and Back side 

Label on the housing part, tell us the rating of this LED bulb. Like IKEA others LED bulb, including 3 part, diffuser, plastic housing, E27 lamp base.


Rating table

Model No
Input Voltage 220 -240 Vac
Input Current 48 mA
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Wattage 5 W
CCT 2700 k
CRI > 80
lm/w 80
Dimming No
Warm Up time < 1 s
On Off Time 15 K
Life Span 15 K
Lamp Base E27

This RYET 400 lm looks no flicker, it is better to our health. Its nice color.


Thermal Test

I do the thermal test at night in my location, test 2 point, one is on the housing, another one is on the top of the diffuser.

Testing Point 1 (Cover) Point 2(Housing)
Ambient Temperature 28.2 28.3
One hour later
Base up 39.6 75.8
Base Down 38.2 71.2
Horizonal  38.0  72.0

thermal test -2 thermal test

Thermal testing

What is going on with the output voltage? 3 LEDs in series, it is 3030 type LED chip.



The output voltage is higher as 140 Vdc, what is going on?  Which brand LED chip does IKEA use? But it is only 5 W LED bulb. I have no idea, anyone know this, please share wit h us ? Or  I made a mistake?

output voltage output-2


LED Driver Part

There are less than 15 components which are mounted on the LED Driver PCB. The dare code is 2015-09-25, is it made on the 2015 year. Em, I bought this in 2017 year! Why?

The letter on the Bridge and IC can not be read, sad.

LED Driver front sideLED Driver rear side

All picture can be watch on the

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2 thoughts to “IKEA Ryet 400lm Equivalent 35 W LED Bulb REVIEW”

  1. I was intrigued enough by the link on Hacker News to come to your site. But I’m disappointed.

    My advice: You need to tell a story (why are you doing this, what did you in fact discover) and you need to finish with a conclusion — either a recommendation or at least a summary of what you found. If you don’t have enough to tell a story, it’s probably best to wait until you do.

    Best of luck to you!

    1. i am so thankful to your comment, in fact I have the conclusion for the product review,, but English is not my native language, so not very good to tell a story,especially in writing, i know what the problem is, now i am trying. thanks again.

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