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T8 1.2m(4ft) LED Tube Teardown

I bought a LED tube to replace my home FL. let us take a look at what is it inside. If you search the LED tube in the Website like Amazon, Ebay, average price is $6 – $7. But if the LED tube earned the DLC/UL, they would be $11. What is DLC, where you can find here.

This LED tube is suitable for damp locations, not for use with light dimmers. In fact, it is LED retrofit luminaire conversion. Here is the rating table:

Input Voltage 120 – 277 Vac
Frequnce 50/60 Hz
Input Current 250 mA
Wattage 22 W
CRI 80
Lum 3300 lm
Country Of Origin Made In China

This LED tube weight is 0.196 g.

I am testing its parameter. 120 Vac, 0.183 A input current, 20.9 Wattage, 0.95 Power Factor, 277 Vac, 0.08 A input current, 21.6 Wattage, 0.93 Power Factor. The Power factor seems good.
As you can find the glass tube wrapped a tube, it seems PET material, but why do it design like this?

The temperature is low , the enclosure is less than 40 c.

As the  inner diffuser is glass, which is measured 0.5 mm.  The LED board can not fixed by screws, you can see lots of glue between the glass and LED board.

The input pins of  the driver are mechanically inserted into the terminal of the lamp base. When I tear down the LED tube, the pins have been damaged, so I do not show in the video.

The fuse resistor is wrapped by Electrical tubing fully. It is 1 ohm if I am right.

The bridge rectifier is MB6F, 600 V, SOP-4 here is the link.

The Electrolytic Capacitor,  in the input end cap, is 100 V, 82 uF, 105 C.

The RV is rated 300 Vac.

The IC can not  be distinguished.

There are total 180 LED chips on the LED board, it reads 2835 on the LED board.

The Electrical Capacitor at the another End cap is 100 uF, 100 V, 105 C.


DOE aliper_21_t8.pdf


UL Warns of Potentially Hazardous Direct Replacement LED Tube Lamps (Release No. 17PN-07)

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