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IKEA VAXER LED1505R6 Grow Light Bulb Review


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Pls note this LED bulb no use, what a pity, the LED bulb can not  turn on, due to the LED Chip failed.

(If you can not access the photos, go to google photo, link.)

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59.0 RMB, What is the difference with others LED bulb on the market?

If you are interesting, you can also read LED1505R6 Grow Light Bulb’s Big Brother LED1506R10.

LED Package

LED Package 1

LED Package

LED Package 2

LED Package

LED Package 3

LED Package

LED Package 4

LED Package

LED Package 5

LED Package

LED Package 6



Inside the Package

Inside Page

Inside the Package

Inside The Package

Turn LED light on

LED Light on

Turn LED light on

LED Light on 4


Remove The Cover

remove the cover


The LED on

LED Light on 2

LED Chip

LED Chip

Remove the LED Chip


Remove the Heat Sink

remove heat sink

Pull Out the LED Driver

remove the driver

LED Driver


LED Driver Back View


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