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IKEA LED Grow Light Bulb LED1506R10 Review


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If you are a beginner or Indoor Garden Lover, you may be interested in the LED Grow Light Bulb. In fact, they look like a normal LED light Bulb. If you just getting started growing your own plant, want tot buy one to try it out, but with limited budget, most are super easy to use.

But do you know which brand better? What is the Key charter for plant?

Okay,  do not worry about that, Let us start reviewing IKEA LED Grow Light.

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If you are interesting in LED Grow Light Luminaire.

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I  spent RMB 79 to buy this LED Grow Light Bulb in IKEA Guangzhou. Sometime you may spend more in your location. From 10 Eu to 15 EU.

Location EU NA China
Price 15UR 15USD 79RMB

Now, below table is the charter of this LED Grow Light Bulb.

Brand IKEA
Module No LED1506R10
Bulb Tpe E27
Input Voltage 220 – 240 Vac
Input Current 95 mA
Wattage 10 W
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Power Factor
LifeTime 25 K
Dimming No
On-off Time 25K
Warming up time
Standard/ Safety Mark  IEC 62471. Intertek, CE, Rohs, Reach
Dimension 95 mm X 115 mm
PPF 12 uE/S
Bean Angle 30

Testing dimension

Here are package view and detail dimension.

Front view, PPF is in of you. It looks like PAR30 type, detail dimension looks below.


Side View, some safety symbols for your reference.


Side View, what does this mean? Haha.


Side View. It is good, there are many LED bulbs which are met the Chemical requirement.


Top View. The lens  look good?


Inside View. Once you take the LED Grow Light out, plastic housing, the color of housing look cool.


Now, let me measure the dimension, here is the max OD, it is 95.48 mm.


Maximum length is 116.41 mm


The CE logo is 4,99 mm.


Though I can see the letter clearly, but it must be more than 3 mm from the Lighting Standard.


The WEEE seems wrong, must more than 7 mm, but in EU, not in China. Hahaha.


The lens dimension is 87.50 mm.


One small Pcs lens is 13.47, sorry my picture, it does match.


The Lamp cap is 26.25 mm.


The tip point is 9.51 mm.


The neck is 39.89 mm.


The thickness is 5.62 mm. Why do they design this? It is too thick, good for heat dissipation?


Input Test

From the test, the power factor is 0.5, it is not good, but seems in China, there is not requirement. While it is more than 0.7  in the EU and USA/CAN.

Like all lights, these are rated in Watts, and the higher the Watts the more light power you will get. If you want wide coverage and deep penetration through the thick brush, then choose a high Watt lamp.  24Watt is a normal range to expect.


Item Rating Test Result
Input Voltage 220 – 240 Vac 231.8 Vac
Input Current 95 mA 86 mA
Wattage 10 W 10.41
Power Factor 0.517

Temperature test

As you may know, the thermal management is really important for  LED light bulb.

At the beginning 1 hour later
Ambient 21 22
LED Chip(Red)  90
LED Chip(White, Center ) 101 141.3
LED Chip(On the edge of LED board ) 115
TMP2 23 72.3
Housing 1 44.4
Housing 2 48.0
Housing 3 56.1
Housing 4 45.3
Lens(Edge) 45.3
Lens(Center) 39.3
Bottom(Center) 31.0


Test Photo

From YouTube

Light output

All LED grow lights are tuned to produce light spectrum that is suitable to promote plant growth. Many want a normal LED white light, but instead these are blue and red.


In the below picture, you can see  there are total 13 LED Chips on the LED board.


If turn it on, looks good?


Take a photo by Camera. It seems wired, on the edge, it shows yellow color? Why ??


The Red LED Chip, looks like a pancake. There is a white ring on the edge.  We quite confused about the picture.


Ok, Use the Everfine SPIC-200 to test lighting spectrum.

The CCT is 4000 K. But the product package does not show this, on the package, IKEA said, it is not for general light purpose.


Take a close look at the color ratio. The Green ratio is more than 73%, we know, it is no use for most Greens. Though recently, some studies found it is also useful. But 73% seems too much.


Here is test data on the CIE 1931 Chart.


Here is test data on the CIE 1976 Chart.


Here is the ANSI standard. Out of Chart, but this is not GLS from IKEA declare.


The Color Render is very good, look at the Radar Chart, most are more than 95, except the R12 is 81.


Here is the bar chart for R1 -R15.


PPFD Testing

If you know to the testing equipment, go to this post for detail. Link.

We follow the char on the package, max height is 26 cm.  The LED Grow Light  Bulb is on the top Center, there are 20 PPFD points on the Bottom.


PPFD Chart Data, you you refer to below chart, 110 mm x 120 mm. For data, all are more than 200, the max is over 600. For some leaf green, it is okay.


What are these data used for ? Basic light photon for some green is 200.


Remove the Lens, with a tool, you can see the LED chips. IKEA seems like this type connector, it is easy assembly.


Unscrew the 3 small screws, remove the LED Board, the Heatsink is under the LED board, you may understand why the temperature is high! No glue also.


Remove the Heatsink, you can the LED bulb, no surprise, the LED driver is so simple.


Remove the Lampcap, pull out the LED Driver, all part. All these cost 79 RMB??


LED Driver Back View, the Driver IC can not be identified.


LED Driver Front View, only 4 components!!


Here is weight of each part.

Part Gram(g) Ounce(OZ) Pound(lb) Ratio
Whole Part 130 4.62 0.289
Lens 22.5 0.79 0.049 17.3%
LED board 11.1 0.39 0.024 8.5%
HeatSink 34.4 1.21 0.076 26.4%
Driver 14.1 0.50 0.031 10.8%
Lampcap 3.3 0.12 0.007 2.5%
Housing 45.4 1.60 0.10 34.9%

Circuit analysic


Some of IKEA LED Grow Light Material List:

  • IC: AYJ6RD;
  • Bridge: 10S10;
  • C2: 400 V, 4 uf, 105C;
  • C5: 100 V, 10 uf, 105C;
  • L1: 5 mH;
  • Heatsink Tube: E20395, 125 C, VW-1, UL certificate;
  • Driver PWB: Non metallic base,  UL Certificate, UL-94, V-0, E239807, Model No. JCEM-1, Link:, sub-supplier: QUANZHOU JINTIAN ELECTRON CIRCUIT BOARD CO LTD;
  • LED Board: Metal Base,  UL Certificate,UL-94, V-0, E239807, Model No. JAL-6, Link:, sub-supplier: QUANZHOU JINTIAN ELECTRON CIRCUIT BOARD CO LTD ;
  • LED Chip: 3030, White, 4000 K, 8 pcs;
  • LED Chip: 2525, Red, 630 nm, 5 pcs;

Summary for this bulb

I would not buy this one.

If you go through the post, it is good choice. In fact, it is not a LED Grow Light. This bulb are just White LED Chips and Red LED Chips.

But please get me wrong, I do not like its Heatsink, cuz it will kill the LED bulb.  And it should show the wavelength on the package and instruction. 

So what is the good Glow Light to plant?


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5 thoughts to “IKEA LED Grow Light Bulb LED1506R10 Review”

  1. I have been using this light to grow plants for several months. It’s very effective. any light can be a “grow light” if it has the necessary spectrum. I use it to grow orchids. I have bloomed several phalaenopsis orchids and an oncostele using this light.

    1. Hey Mx, some may work, but there are tons of Greens, what if for mass production, that is another story, cuz it is a complicate process inside the greens.
      Thanks ur comment.

      1. I’m not mass-producing anything, just growing my own orchid houseplants. They definitely respond to this light, moreso than to other LED grow lights I have tried. I also have some orchids growing under basic bright LED lights, not marketed as “grow lights”, and they are thriving. I’m not the only one who has had success with these, but the casing does get very hot!

  2. This is actually the best light I had when it comes to growing. I’ve tested CFLs and various led grow lamps from china around 40W. They are useless compared to this, especially comparing to led grow lights from china. If I put all the lamps together my plants all lean towars this IKEA light and the ones directly under this light have the best growth. I’ve grown different kinds of vegetables under this and it is the best I can find for this wattage. You can put three of this which is only 30W and it will cover an area as those china leds of 500W. Have you actually tested this lamp for growing?

    1. Hi Grower, I will try soon, but the thing you talking the light from China, I would say the IKEA LED bulb also MADE IN CHINA, supplier from Xiamen City, South of China. Would you please let me know which website you buy the Lamp from China? I would like to have a glimpse. Recently, I am trying to Use LED decoration bulb from Philips on the Sunflower. It also works. Hahaha.

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