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LED High Bay Light

$149.99 LED High Bay Light Review

My aim was to find a strong LED lighting for the attic, which I can mount at one point. Before I bought, I go to check some users’ comment.

Here you can find the final installation View, look awesome.

User Picture

LED High Bay Light Review

Final Installation in the Warehouse

LED High Bay Light

Final Installation in the Warehouse

LED High Bay Light

Final Installation In the Greenhouse

Issue Found

But there may be not usable for you. Should anyone want to use the lamp to take pictures or film shots, or produce light for lathes, etc. In a workshop, that should think twice again, because some LED High Bay light flickers (not visible to the naked eye) then but very strong, what you can see on the below picture. Thus, it is for working on a lathe or with drills, etc, actually unsuitable.

Look at below picture, Flickers very strong, like a stroboscope.  It is probably on the power supply, which rectifies the voltage only without smoothing. Therefore a frequency of about 100hz. If you have 100 Euro, you have better choice. Avoid this.


One user said it as a weird light. Not comfortable to the eye to work under it But it is not expensive for the output so combined with t12 lights. LOL. Quite Weird.

Let me switch to my LED High Bay Light. It is really heavy. Super bright light. I replaced a 400 watt fixture with this one. It was brighter than the original. It works great over my workbench!

This light is no joke. Awesome construction, brackets and hardware are nice.


Model No. i100W
Rated Input Supply Voltage 120 -277 Vac
Rated Frequency 50/60 Hz
Rated Input Current 0.88
Rated System Wattage 100
LED Driver Output Volts 48 Vdc
LED Driver Output Current 2 A
PF ≥0.95
Working Temperature -30~50 ℃
Weight 4.25 Kg
Light Efficiency ≥130 LM/W
Dimension  φ285*180mm
Certificated UL Listed, DLC
Life 50,000 H
Warranty 5 years
Driver(Key) Meanwell
LED Source(Key) Osram

This LED High Bay Light has 2 mounting means. One is Bracket, Sheet steel, overall measured 25 mm wide by 140 mm long by 155 mm high. Secured to Driver by screws.

Another is a hook, made of Die cast aluminum, it secured to driver by threads. But some others LED High Bay Light may do not have Hook too.

LED High Bay Light Review

Side View 

LED Driver is from  MEAN WELL ENTERPRISES CO LTD(E334687 on the UL R/C Product). It provided with integral input and output cord.

This LED driver model is HBG-100-48E. 100-240/277, 50/60Hz, 1.1/0.45A, LVLE, 49 Vdc, 2.0 A, use for WET Location.

In the United state, From the UL 1598 and UL 8750 Lighting standard, the diffuser must have f1! Since factory claimed it has earned UL Certificated. It may has, but please be aware there is trick for this.

If you source lots of  LED High Bay Lights, I hope you can go into details. You can required the factory to provide the UL Report to you, you can check in detail, and verify it in the and DLC.

LED High Bay Light Review

 Side View 

You can find the Heat Sink, make of  Die-cast aluminum, secured to LED Driver by four copper pillars with screws. There is a gap between the LED driver and heat sink. Why do the factory design like this? The LED source too hot?

There is a Aluminum sheet Over the heatsink . Mechanical seured to the heat sink. Check below picture, you can find it.

LED High Bay Light Review

Back View 

Unscrew the screws, you can see 3 different parts.They are diffuser frame, Transparent Diffuser and Gasket. Diffuser frame is made of Die-cast aluminum, secured to Heat Sink by screws. The silicone rubber gasket is sandwiched between the Diffuser Frame and Heat sink.

The transparent diffuser is measured 1.5 mm thickness, no idea for other parameter.

LED High Bay Light Review

Dissemble View 

The LED Board is aluminum base, 2.0 mm thick, rated minimum V-1(on the board), 105°C, secured to Heat Sink by screws. Overall 100 mm diameter. The wires connected to LED Board were covered by adhesive after soldering.

There are total 210 pcs SMD LED chips. 3030 Type. Claimed form OSRAM 3030.

COST Breakdown

We try to find the BOM Cost. It is near $100!!! If you buy from the e-com website.

 Item Cost
MeanWell Driver


quite expensive, about $35 – $40

(check refer1,2,3,4)

Osram SMD 3030 LED Source

(Include LED BOARD)

total $12 -$15(Check Refer 5)
Lens $4 – $5
Heatsink $12
Other(Mounted bracket, screws, gasket, bushing, pillars, diffuser frame) $10


If you are an LED light compliance Engineer, or Product Engineer, what is going to test this LED high bay light?

Here is for reference, from UL 1598 and UL 8750 standard. There are total 11 tests!

Test No TEST

In this post, I only perform the Input test and LED Normal Temperature test.

Input Test

The Input Test was conducted to confirm the appropriateness of marked ratings. Which is original from UL 8750, Clause 8.2 requirement.

Input Volts (V ac) Input Current (A) Input Watts (W) LED Driver Output Volts (V dc) LED Driver Output Current (A) LED Driver Output Watts (W)
120 0.9919 99.23 42.43 2.0366 86.44
277 0.3859 95.23 42.43 2.0342 86.31

The input current and wattage did not exceed 110 percent of the units rating when operated at rated voltage.

LED Normal Temperature test

We also tested its normal temperature at rated supply voltage 120Vac/60 Hz. Running 2 hours.

Thermocouple Location Temperature, °C
Room Ambient 26
Diffuser, center, inner surface 45.8
Gasket 44.0
Wire from LED PWB 51.2
PWB board, near LED 52.7
Bushing at input of heat sink 49.6
Hot spot 1 at driver enclosure 49.8
Hot spot 2 at driver enclosure 49.6
Directly Above luminaire on Ceiling 37.8
Mounting Surface Closest to LED 33.9

The results of the above tests are considered excellent since the temperature is no really low.

What if failure over time?

General bad performance are like:

  1. Direct light is not bright
  2. Shimmering lights after a while
  3. Twinkling lights and so on

In fact, the main power supply is bad and the light source. Do not worry about that, you can replace the bad LED bulb or bad LED driver.

1) Bad led source

lamps during the assembly process is imperfect, lamp beads and the body is not good contact, thermal paste coating unevenness. Also, if the lamp beads themselves poor quality, long lighting time will be burned.

2) Drivers problem

power supply problems led to some manufacturers due to low-priced products to recover the use of inferior power, failure of product quality, will be used for a long burn lamp light flashing or bright lights shimmering after a while.

Would you want to but this?


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