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In Search of Books to read before die

Books List

  1. Where Angels fear to thread
  2. A room with a view(突破礼教,寻找真爱)
  3. A passage to India(爱情,种族歧视)
  4. Light in August
  5. Walden(人究竟是为了什么生活,回归自然,自我探索)
  6. Animal Farm(猪希望有一个平等的世界,最后却发现不平等更加严重,平等是相对的)
  7. Black Beauty(如何理解一匹不会说话的马的痛苦。)
  8. The Black Cat
  9. Anna Karenina(追求爱情致死)
  10. Bridge to Terabithia(一座通向自由而美好的精神国度的桥)
  11. The Age of Innocence(寻找爱情,抉择)
  12. The breadwinner
  13. Brave New World(新世界也是一样的)
  14. The call of wild(动物本能)
  15. The awakening(觉醒)
  16. The great Gatsby(种族歧视,陷害)
  17. To kill Mockingbird(种族歧视,认识)
  18. Death of a sales(生活的悲惨)
  19. Adventure of Huckleberry Finn
  20. A tale of 2 cities(历史脱变)
  21. To build a fire(成就某些东西)
  22. Far from the madding crowd(远离大众)
  23. Pride and Prejudes(成长的学习)
  24. Jane Eyre(寻找爱情)
  25. Love in the time of cholera(真爱)
  26. In Search Of Lost Time(发现自我,帮助别人)
  27. Don Quixote(滑稽)
  28. War And Peace
  29. One Hundred Years of Solitude
  30. The Brothers Karamazov
  31. Madame Bovary
  32. Lolita
  33. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
  34. The Catcher in the Rye
  35. To the lighthouse
  36. 1984(究竟发生了什么事?)
  37. Great Expectations(自我认识,友情和亲情的可贵)
  38. Gulliver’s Travels
  39. Catch-22
  40. One thousand and one nights
  41. The Grapes of Wrath
  42. The Red and The black()
  43. As I lay Dying
  44. Paradise Lost
  45. The old man and the Sea
  46. thing fall apart(部落瓦解,权利斗争)
  47. A Farewell to Arms
  48. Pale Fire
  49. Journey to the end of the night
  50. The Scarlet Letter
  51. Gone with The Wind
  52. The Little Prince
  53. A Clockwork Orange(重获自由自愿接受特殊的人格治疗)
  54. The Wind in the Willows
  55. A Season in Hell
  56. Treasure Ialand
  57. 20000 Leagues Under the sea
  58. Little Women
  59. 孙子兵法
  60. 道德经
  61. 苏轼






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