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What a stupid Supplier?

What a stupid Supplier. When the goods defected with issue in the warehouse. The supplier reply is funny.


Dear All

As we had discussed in Jan and Feb

We only accept your QC report on our order within 1 month after receiving

We are not sure about how these happened , AS ALL ITEMS ARE 100% PRECHECKED BEFORE DELIVERY IN YYY since 2018 we got your complaint frequently

This is not going to keep happening all the time as it is not working out here , ok

Another email is on the way. That is funny.

It looks like xxx changed a QC engineer , then suddenly all our items are not qualified now

As we never change a supplier on end caps or extrusion or diffusers … I really have no idea of your QC level and how it work out now

In this way ,we have to call off all our ongoing orders until we re-learn your QC standard , we are not going to keep sending you replacement without knowing what’s happening in xxx now

So what is your comment? 


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