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Progressive die design

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Progressive Die Design/sheet metal fabrication Using NX-10.0-Video Tutorials/Training DVD

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  1. cutting die, blanking die 冲裁模
  2. progressive die 连续模
  3. single die 单一模
  4. transfer die 传送模
  5. transfer line 传送线
  6. plain die 简易模
  7. pierce die 冲孔模
  8. gang die /combination die 复合模
  9. shearing die 剪边模具
  10. forming / bening die 成形模具
  11. draw hole 抽孔
  12. riveting die
  13. emboss 凸点
  14. dome 凸圆
  15. pierce/ blanking/ forming/ bending
  16. semi-shearing
  17. stamping mark
  18. deburr / coin 去毛边
  19. reel stretch 卷圆压平
  20. blanking 下料
  21. groove 下料/ strip 料带
  22. layout 排样图, produce dwg 工程图
  23. die structure dwg 模具结构图
  24. press struction
  25. feeding height, feeder
  26. inner guiding post 内导柱
  27. inner hexagon screw
  28. dowel pin 固定销
  29. lifter guide pin 顶料销
  30. lifter guide pin 浮升导料销
  31. guide pin /post
  32. outer guide post
  33. located pin 定位销
  34. outer bush
  35. top / high plate 顶板
  36. top block 上典脚
  37. punch set 上模座
  38. punch pad  上垫板
  39. stripper pad 脱料板
  40. die pad 下垫板
  41. die holder 下夹板
  42. die set 下模座
  43. bottom block
  44. bottom plate
  45. stripper plate
  46. outer stripper
  47. deburring / groove / stamped/ round punch/ special shape punch/bending block/ baffle plate 挡块/ supporting block for location/ trimming punch / stiffening rib punch /ribbon punch / reel-stretch punch 卷圆冲平冲子/ guide plate /
  48. upsideing down edges 翻边





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