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Source LED Bulb from China

A Complete Guide!
Planning to import LED Bulb Lights from China? Keep reading, and learn more about buying Private label LED bulbs, assessing suppliers and technical specifications. In addition, we also explain what you need to know about mandatory product regulations, documents and labeling requirements – and, why ensuring compliance in the LED bulb industry can be really challenging for small buyers.

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Best LED lighting Company List

China: 1, NINGBO MORELUX LIGHTING MFG LTD, 2, VOLTECH INTERNATIONAL INC 3, Nan Ya Photonics, Inc. from taiwan 4, RUEE APPLIANCES CO LTD TO  COSTCO WHOLESALE CANADA LTD.   5, Jiangsu Ever-tie Lighting Co Ltd JIANGSU 6, StarMeet Lighting Technology Co Ltd  TO  ENCHANTE ACCESSORIES INC.  Tri State Trading Llc    […]

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