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What are the most overrated things in life?


I would say birthdays are the most overrated.


One day and people go crazy. The day when we are born, we should ideally be spending with people who are responsible for our birth.

And we spend it with everyone except our parents. We are running the whole day to feed people who are just more than happy on the day which marks the end of one more year from our lives.

I have seen people getting wasted and smoking every possible drug on their birthdays. People start putting up countdowns on social networking sites for their  D day. Then when the day ends they put up an album on Facebook containing 100s of pictures of themselves cutting cakes and supposedly having fun. Then they make a big collage of the gifts they got and put it up on the Facebook, Whatapp and Instagram. Then they thank their friends on social media for making their day wonderful, something which could be done personally in a more effective way.

Thanks Somya Aggarwal answer.

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