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What tips & suggestions would experienced bloggers give to young bloggers?

Aimee Millwood

Patience is the only “hack” that works. Traffic growth is slow (but steady).

Also, read extensively. Don’t just read about blogging/marketing, but also read for pleasure. I sign up to the MediaREDEF newsletter and NextDraft, and I make sure to take time out of my day, every day, to read about interesting topics. It’s been said time and time again, but reading makes a better writer.

When it comes to writing, focus on clarity. Proofreading is important, but more important is that your point is clear. Always opt for less in-depth, data-packed, helpful posts than more crappy content. Quality over quantity.

Build relationships with people in your niche. Don’t just try to promote yourself – give back to your community. Constantly ask your audience if the content you are writing is relevant for them.

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