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Top Data Visualization Blogger

Lucia Z.Wang


A few recommended blogger/writer/designers who leads the discourse in the dataviz world:

David McCandeless is one of the pioneers in innovative data journalism & visualisation of controversial social issues David McCandless

Gareth Cook is a writer and editor

Alberto Cairo who wrote “The Functional Art” is a writer and editor

Steven Heller who worked at NYT as their Art Director for decades and published widely on information design and dataviz Steven Heller :

Nathan Yau’s blog is more focused on personal data FlowingData

Bill Shander who speaks about data storytelling Rock the VizComm – Learn data storytelling, data visualization and information design in small in-person workshops with Bill Shander.

Dona Wong who specialises in financial data visualization Dona Wong

Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic whose blog “storytelling with data” is now very popularBlog

Nicolas Feltron’s annual report is widely know for stunning visualization of personal data

We have asked these experts on how to make data visually appealing. Read up on it if you are getting started in information design Infographic Design Best Practices – Make Info Beautiful

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