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Life without smarphone

Tom Byron

I spent 55 years without a smart phone.
I spent 60 years without apps.
I have been paying Bell Telephone bills since 1967, and worked for Bell System for 22 years. I grew up with a 10 party line phone- not even a rotary dial like this, “Number, pahleeze..?”.

I still have a phone booth in my house!

Life is never boring, if you have an inquisitive mind and still read “real” books, not online books.

This answer written from my library.

Boredom is a choice, not a result!

The answer is thus, and conclusively— NO!
So long as I have QUORA

©Thomas Foster

I grew up in the 50’s (the Late Middle Ages) Tom Byron’s answer to What was it like to grow up in America during the 1950’s?

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