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What do you do if you’re 24 and have wasted a lot of time?

William Beteet

  1. Sleep is Like Heroin – You’ll never feel like you’ve had enough sleep. So as soon as your alarm goes off jump out of bed and take a cold shower to wake you up.
  2. Get Out of Town – This is probably the most effective way to change your life. When you go to a new city you have to make new friendships, you cultivate new habits and you lose parts of your old identity. You’re young so take advantage of the freedom.
  3. Leave Your Apartment – Work on your projects outside of your apartment. Where you live can be a black hole of unproductive behavior. Go to coffee shops, libraries, or university campuses – just find somewhere to be until you have to go to bed.
  4. Ditch Your Big Plans – Most of the people I know who are 24 and haven’t done much have elaborate plans for how they are going to get rich. Ditch those plans – focus on what you can do today to make yourself into a successful person. Acquire valuable skills, go to classes, workshops and seminars, do this for a couple years and your life will have a lot more direction.
  5. Stop Regretting the Past – You missed on opportunities, guess what, we all have. Let go of your fantasies of who you were “supposed” to be. Understand that you’re still young – so stop wasting time feeling bad for yourself and start working on becoming the person you want to be.
  6. Fewer Excuses – Getting rid of this excuse will change your life “I will do it tomorrow” if you get rid of that excuse your life will change drastically.
  7. Hang Out With Productive People – Productivity is contagious, cultivate friendships with people who are out there getting things done.
  8. Run – Running changes who you are, it makes you more patient, it energizes you, it clears your head, it gives you confidence, so start running multiple times a week.
  9. Quit Drugs or Alcohol – This has nothing to do with morals and everything to do with momentum, drugs and alcohol kill productive momentum and will keep you trapped in the same mindset that got you into this mess.
  10. Put a porn blocker/internet controls on your computer – You don’t want the reason that you never accomplished your dreams to be that you were spending too much time on Facebook and watched too much porn.
  11. Learn How to Get Meetings With Important People – Buy this book “How to Get a Meeting With Anyone” and do everything the book says. Have a list of 25 people that if you were to get a meeting with them would drastically change your life and work towards getting a meeting with those people.
  12. Shut Off Electronics Before Bed – An hour before bed shut off all electronics, this will help you get better sleep and wake up energized
  13. Audiobooks and Motivational Videos – Listen to them while you walk, this will brainwash your thoughts with positivity and give you a strong sense of purpose
  14. Dump Your TV – Don’t spend your twenties watching other people live life.
  15. I am Going to Die – You will die one day, it’s only a matter of time until there is nothing more you can do. Constantly have that thought in your head. It will keep you focused on what’s important.

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