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What it is like to quit your job and travel the world?

Emmanuel Orozco


Alright. It´s my time to give my two cents.

Short answer: It is awesome. Do it. You might be dead tomorrow. Do it ASAP.

Long answer: I am 22. I used to work on a death-end hotel -front desk position.

I was tired.

I wasn’t inspired.

One day a guest and I had a long conversation. She asks me:

Do you like your job?

I was sad because I knew the answer. “No”.

She was 74 and gave me the most beautiful advice that I remember in all my life:

You are too young to hate your job. Pay bills. Plan your retirement.
Go get your fucking passport and start your adventure. Don’t wait to have my age.

So I did.

Since I was a little kid I was dreaming to know Europe.

So next day I had my passport. And one week later, my plane tickets.

I live in México. One month holidays does not exist.

So I quit my job.

My boss said I was being crazy. My co-workers said that I was being “irresponsible”.

I just ignored those voices and focused on planning my adventure.

It was Europe in winter. Not the best idea. I know. But Europe in winter is really cheap.

What I packed:

  • 4 shirts.
  • Big coat.
  • Gloves.
  • 2 pants.
  • Kindle (it is a must-have). Reading will give you inspiration (when you read the correct books).
  • Mexican candies to give away.
  • Mexican music to give away.
  • 2 pair of shoes (walking shoes).
  • My camera. (I had a DSLR that I always wanted to learn to use, but never had the time).

That’s it. No mobile. No WhatsApp. No Facebook. No f*cking email (I really hate those).

I had a short budget so no crappy tourist attractions. I just walked and walked…

I went to high mountains...

Glossop, England.

Cosmopolitan cities.

Paris, France

Discovered that love stills exists in the world…

Versailles, France

Saw some kick ass sunsets...


Paris, France

Heard some of the best musicians (for free btw)


Barcelona, Spain

Discovered that no matter how old are you; people can still be friends of each other.

Barcelona, Spain

Realize that sunrises are not always blue or yellow. Sometimes they mix.

Madrid, Spain

And I remembered that I need to live the life as a kid. No matter what.

Barcelona, Spain

I spend 22 days and $1,500 USD (including the plane tickets).

What I did to save money:

  • Used CouchSurfing.
  • Eat 20-cents bread with ham.
  • Drink free/adulterated alcohol.
  • Went to Burger King to get free fries and soda.
  • Learn to cook.
  • Speak with local people. They always know where to do cool and cheap stuff.
  • Only go to free museums (only in England).

Until this point in my life, I never had a clear idea of what to do with my life.

Now I do.

I want to be a photographer.

Capture moments to give to everybody.

Inspire people.

Thanks to this travel.

Thanks to that lady.

And guess what?

I don’t ever remember her name.

Life is funny.

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