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IKEA-RYET 50321659-parts

IKEA RYET 50321659 600lm E27 TearDown

IKEA RYET 600lm E27 (modle number is 50321659) is 49.0 RMB. The fancy packaging adds to the overall cost, unlike tungsten filament and CFL bulbs, which ship in nondescript shrink wrap.


Package form side view. It reads the bulb compliance with the Chinese LED standard, Rohs and IEC 62471 standard.

IKEA-RYET 50321659-package-side0view

Package from other view. Some information: like input voltage, CRI, lm/W, Safety mark CE mark, S mark

IKEA-RYET 50321659-package-bottom-view

Package form side view, the bar code and module 503.216.59.

IKEA-RYET 50321659-package-top-view

Unboxing the package. There is  2 pcs in the box, total price is  49.0 RMB, each one is 24.5 RMB. No dimming, CCT: 2700 K, 15000 H.

IKEA-RYET 50321659-package-2pack

Lamp Dimension. Compared to 40-W equivalent bulb, how about this?

IKEA-RYET 50321659-package-size

When the light is switching on, warm light. Warm Heart.

IKEA-RYET 50321659-on

Cutting off the plastic cover. It is tough to the diffuser. I spent near about 5 mins on that. As I do not have bad tools.

IKEA-RYET 50321659-remove-cover

Now is the lamp base.

IKEA-RYET 50321659-remove-base

Dis Part. As the price goes down, the less component used in the driver. Is it good? Can they have their words for the long life? If there no circuit.

IKEA-RYET 50321659-parts

LED Board.  6 PCS 3030 LED in series solder the Metal Base Board.

IKEA-RYET 50321659-led-board

LED Drivers. 6 Components below mounted on the. 1 fuse resistor, 2 capacitors. 2 inductors. The burning levels is 94V-0. The letter “E64353” is .

IKEA-RYET 50321659-LED-Driver

LED  driver back view.

IKEA-RYET 50321659-LED-Driver-Back-view

Housing holds a metal part inside.

IKEA-RYET 50321659-housing

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