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Teardown Of A Mexico Brand LED Bulb

Today I got one LED bulb exporting to Mexico. Mexico?! I have not impression in my mind, sorry, I do not read to much.

there will be going to build a new wall between USA and Mexico, I learn this from Trump!! That is what  I know Mexico.

After search by Google, the voltage is 127 Vac/60Hz, Why 127 Vac?  so strange thing.

Let get down to our business,  The LED bulbs’s weight light. Looks nice?


Pic 1 Lamp Bulb

The dome cover is not hard to come off with a slatted screwdriver. Most manufacture would prefer the frost cover due to the  dazzle light. It will hurt our eyes sadly.  You can see the 12 PCS discrete LED in series out there, size of type is 2835. On the edge of the LED board, there are a bit of epoxy. The wire to LED board is soldering. Do not like most case using use connector.


Pic 2 remove cover

Remove the button, cut off the metal screw thread, shown as below. You can find 2 resistors inside, wrapped by heat-shrink tube.


Pic 3 remove lamp base

The LED board snaps fit the plastic part, I have to cut the plastic off by tool. You can see the sharp edge. Clearing the epoxy by tool, unsoldering the wire from the driver. There are some space inside the housing. The housing including 2 parts, inside part is aluminum metal part, using for hear dissipation, external part is the plastic material. How do the manufacturer combine these 2 part? They can fits together.

There is not thermal glue behind the LED board.


Pic 4 remove led board

Take out of the LED driver from the housing, the driver is attachmented to the slot, which is on the bottom of the housing, near the plastic thread. The components on the PCB seems dead simple, right? Each company are facing the cost issue. Try to reduce the every cent in the products.

Now all the disassemble parts of the LED products.


Pic 5 different part

Below picture show the brain of LED bulb. You can see the hand-solder easily. Especially on the top of the LED driver. Hoo-boy! I should test the Thermal test first! What a pity!

And I am curious about this price of LED bulb.


Pic 6 driver back view

Here is the key component of the LED Driver.

F1 Fuse Ressistor
C1 400 V, 104J
RV1 VDR, 07D471K
C6 JSH, 100 V, 105uF, 105C
C2 400 v, 104J
DB1 Bridge, m510F
U1 IC, JW1756B, GB650CC

If  change its model’s brand, you still know what the brand is ?

I do not have so much money the test the optical parameter! When you buy a LED bulb, please also care the CCT, lumen efficacy, flicker, R9, Color shift, Lumen, Spectral Power Distribution.


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