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Source LED Bulb from China

Most LED bulbs light manufactures can offer a range of ODM products. These products are, to a varying degree, made according to a fixed product specification. Buying ODM products is often sufficient, especially for small buyers. That being said, the supplier still expects you to request a draft of their ODM specification. For LED bulb lights, this includes the following:

Bill of Materials

Circuit Drawings

Even though ODM products are supposed to be msde according to a fixed set of specifications, this is not really the case in China. ODM bulbs can be customized to a certain degree, and this even expected, by supplier.

Buying OEM LED bulbs is also an option. However, this requires that you have the technical expertise to create a Circuit diagram and list all components.

But sometimes, you can refer to the Driver IC, the Circuit diagram is good also.

What differs LED suppliers?

LED bulb manufactures are assembly supplier. They procure virtually all components from subcontractors in and outside of Mainland China, only to assemble, test and pack the produce. While this a major challenged that should not be underestimated, it does come with implications in your business:

Product quality depends on the components the supplier procures. In turn, this depends on your product spec


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