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LED Under Cabinet Fixture Review

(Note: if you can not access the pictures, you can go to google photo gallery link)

Lighting is one important aspects of home, making it usable, inviting and safety. It is also the most under-appreciated facilities in home, especially in the kitchen. It is a gift every one should share with mom, good to cook, chop. As a spot for family gathering and a workspace for food presentation, crafts and more, the kitchen yearn for good lights and good ambiance.

In short, under cabinet lighting is a key component of kitchen .

You may know the story about LED products. They are long lived and more energy-efficient than the incandescent, fluorescent light products. They are also dimmable, low profiles and virtually invisible. With the quality light out, accurately output disperse and color, evenly avoid harsh shadows.  And LED  under cabinet products are available in multiple length, you can easily wire these fixtures into existing electronic-system, plug them into wall socket and utilize the wall switch.

Now, in store you can buy the 3 types of Under Cabinet Light, such as Incandescent, Fluorescent, LED. Here we are considering the LED type.

Puck Light

The round, hockey-puck-shaped fixtures are popular because there are many versions of then that do not  need to be hard-wired. Battery-operated models with LED simply stick to the underside of you cabinet.

LED Strips

LED strips can look a lot like slim fluorescent strips, this is most expensive option, as the fixture can be a bit cool for some tastes. Some models require an external transformer.

LED Tape

These fixtures are extremely thin, making them very easy to install, just stick to the cabinet, They are also flexible, which could come in handy in particular scenarios.

Here is the photo you can refer.

At first I am skeptical I was astonished at the result. The LED under-cabinet are fairly soft, added wonderful ambiance, Very much worth it.


This the LED under cabinet in my kitchen. Except the LED under cabinet, there are accessories, they are supply cord with plug, conduct fitting, connector, interconnecting cord and junction box.

The housing may be die cast aluminum, there are 2 knock out on the housing, one in on the back, another is on the side. When you try to hard-wired via the conduit, it is really hard. Do not recommend to installed this product by hard wire. If you want this method, remember to use the conduit fitting.

There are 2 connector on the end cap. But i want to say the supply cord is hard to match up the connector, easy to loosen.



Model LED Under Cabinet
Input Voltage 120 Vac
Frequency 60 Hz
Input Current 60 mA
Wattage 4 W
Location Suitable for Damp Location
Maximum Interconnected Unit 50 PCS
Warning Suitable for under-cabinet mounting

Input Test

The input current and wattage do not exceed 110 percent of the unit rating.

Model LED Under Cabinet
Input Voltage 120.37 Vac
Frequency 60 Hz
Input Current 36 mA
Input Wattage 4.2 W
Output Voltage 40 Vdc
Output current 89 mA


Now, most LED product has this issue, I am going to open my Phone camera. You can see the video below. Some say you are wrong with the phone camera to test flicker, yes this is not the good method, but for consumers, this is the best cannon to help out life better. And when you want to share the the food to your friends, taking the pictures in the kitchen, if you find the light and dark strip, it is annoying. Right?

Thermal Test

Start time from 2017-05-08, 14:30 to Stop time  2017-05-08, 15:30, Room Ambient is about 27 °C,  as the wattage is low, the temperature is so low. The data of  LED Chip is taking out the original location.

The results of the  tests are considered really good.

 Thermocouple Location  Temperature, °C
 Mounting Surface  31.3
 Diffuser, outside, nearest to LED  30.1
 LED chip  62.5


Tear down

Back housing, 2 mounting hole, one conduit open.


End Cap, you can the letter OUTPUT,  for interconnecting use. You can move the slide open the driver cover.



When you open the driver cover, you can see the driver, switch, some wires, connector. LED driver is wrapped by heat-shrink tube.


Here is parts of this LED under cabinet.


The LED module is mounted under the housing with glue, see above the photo to check its location, the PCB is 178 mm length by 6 mm width, 1 mm thick. But input wire of the LED module seems is soldered by hand.


The E331780 is UL file number, which is owned by SHENZHEN JIN SHI YU ELECTRONIC CO LTD, model is MY-M, max temperature is 90 °C. Here is detail link.

The SMD LED is soldered on the PCB, total 28 PCS, consider the UC8-14S29 and output voltage, the LED wattage is 0.12 W, 2.8 Vdc, 0.42 mA.

Turn the light on.

LED Driver

The inside layer of  LED driver is wrapped by PET material, I guess. Input lead are 18 AWG, 300 Vac, 105 °C. Output leads are 24 AWG,  300 Vac, 105 °C.


LED driver Front Side


LED Driver Back Side

The IC is TC1103, from Shanghai Top-Chip Micro-electronics Tech.Co.,LTD.


Other’s key component of the LED driver for reference:

The MOS is Model SVF4N65MJ, from Silan miro. Here is the data sheet link.

The Fusing Resistor  is 22 W by reading the color code.

The bridge is MB10S.

The outpur E-Cap is Rated  63 V, max. 220 µF, min. 105 ºC.

The Y Capacitor is rated 250 V,  2200 pF, 100ºC.

The X Capacitor is Rated 150 Vac, 85 ºC.

Lesson from this:


Energy Star List Product

E-UCA Series


Feature Wireless

Hackaday Prize Entry: Under Cabinet LED Lighting Controller



Do you have under cabinet lighting? What type do you have and is it somthing you are pleased with or something you are wanting to replace?



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