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IKEA E14 LED Bulb LEDARE 400 lm LED1516C6 Review


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The E14 IKEA LED bulb is 39.9 RMB. I do not like its price. We are going to read its package, these are IKEA style.



LED Bulb Package


LED Bulb Package In detail View



Model No. LED1516C6
Input Voltage 220 -240 Vac
Input Current
Frequency 50/60
Wattage 6 W
Power Factor 0.9
Lumen 400 lm
CCT 2700 K
Lamp Cap E14
CRI > 90
Luminous Efficiency 67 lm/w
Dimension D 38 mm, L 110 mm
Pb Driver
Life Span 25000 hours
Dimming Yes
Warn Up Time <1 second
On & Off Time 25 000 Time
Original Made In China (LEEDARSON LIGHTING)
Weight 49.4 g, 1.74 lb, 1.09 OZ
Safety CE, S(Intertek), IEC 62471:2006,

GB 24906-2010(Like IEC 62560)

Many said that the supplier is  LEEDARSON LIGHTING. Leedarson is a global Top 1 lighting product ODM/OEM vendor, with annual sales of one billion USD. Its major customers are Philips, iKea, Osram, GE, and Schneider Electric. The company is ranked No.1 on China’s Top 10 Lighting Product Enterprises by China National Light Industry Council and China Association of Lighting Industry and is listed on China’s Top 500 Foreign Trade Private Enterprises by the Ministry of Commerce.(From Huawei, Link)

Finally, we can find trade data on the, link.

2017-07-18 21_42_27-Greenshot image editor

LED Bulb Label


Thermal test

Let us turn on the LED bulb, do the temperature test, but not in the Small temperature test box with small cylinder. Thermocouples were attached at the locations described like in the video.  The sample was then energized from its supply source range, the voltage is 229 Vac.

(From YouTube)

After 1 hour running, here is the test result for your reference. In fact, the white housing is hot, can not bear with that, in my feeling.

Ambient 30
Top of Cover 33
Bottom of Cover 70
Label 56


Now, it is to open this E14 LED bulb.

With tool, it is easy to remove the cover, I guess it is softer due to the high temperature. You see a breach the housing on the below picture. As the cover is attached to the housing by physic fit, I can force the cover, it removed.


There are 5 LEDs on the  LED board. LED type is 3030 type, the LED board is secured to the the house by physics fit and screws. It is so strange that they are used 2 connectors.

The file no E239807 is owned by QUANZHOU JINTIAN ELECTRON CIRCUIT BOARD CO LTD, model no is JAL-5. You can find all the data in the (Link

When I turn on the LED bulb, it is a bit flicker. The output voltage of LED Driver is the 32 Vdc. From the calculation, the current for the LED chip is about 150 mA.

light on

You can the light from the LED chip, it is wired. When I zoom in the Phone Camera, see the flicker.

(From YouTube)

When I remove the LED board, the potting in the Driver. At the beginning, I do not how to pull the Driver out. And with Pliers Nippers, it can be pulled out.

Her is LED Driver Front side. The output pin is used to inserted into the connector on the LED board. Like IKEA others’ driver, the fuse resistor fixed on the L line, wrapped by Tube.


Here is the LED driver back site.


LED Driver IC

I search lots of information but failed. I am not LED driver circuit designer, have no great information about the IC. If you know, pls comment, let me know.


Here are all parts of the E14 LED bulb.


Would you want to buy this E14 LED bulb?




LED board Supplier

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