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here is basic fun fact to learn the video type
videos type for you referenc,
Here Are the Top 10 Most Popular Types of Videos on YouTube
  • Unboxing Videos. Whew! …
  • Educational Videos. …
  • Favorites/Best Of Videos. …
  • Tag or Challenge Videos. …
  • Haul Videos. …
  • Comedy/Skit Videos. …
  • Gaming Videos. …
  • Vlogs. 

these are the free video. great. 

  1. MixKit. …
  2.  Storyblocks Video.
  3. Videvo. 
  4. Videezy. 
  5. Life of Vids.
  6. Pexels.
  7. Pixabay. 
  8. Clipstill.

camera movement learning, 


 这个方法比较直接,主要就是先找到要下载的YouTube视频,然后播放它,接着将地址栏里的链接稍作修改然后点击enter键就会跳到到一个新的页面,选择分辨率就可以就可以将视频保存下来,非常简单. 下面是几种常用的方法:

  • youtube前面加ss
  • youtube改为youpak
  • youtube后面加pp
  • 换成pwn
  • youtube后面加1s
  • youtube后面加my

vertical content maker

5 little videos trick

and more


Video marketing lesson from Jon Mowat. say a thankq to you author. i do not see your face i nthe book.

chapter 5, put the theory into the practice. know to make content that engages, emotes and challenges behaviour? Make it great, not like the one saying Make America Great again. LOL.

boils down to 3 steps. planing, production, activation. like the product design, production, after-market.  all sorted.

simple on PAper, yep.

long-term growth, short-term sales uplift.

brands need to push people through a sales funnel that takes lots of audience, convert them to customers.

wide at the top, tapered to the end. grab people and drop then to the funnel. present the info to so that the infor caould enncouraged to make a purchase at the bottom. it is archaic.

but in the digital funnel, it is completely different.

awareness, consideration, action.  peole would take the time to have a good look around before deciding to purchase. they compare products with others.

sale is not the end fo the job, retention.

the content make s difference in eache phrase. hero hub help action. content TREE.

hard-shell roof skycamp. WOW.

NEXT planing production, activation.


What are objectives? who are you talking? when to talk? where is your audience? what are you saying? how will activate? what is KPI, Metrics?

HOW TO is the key?!! IDK.




How to make a human arabesque

seamselsss cinemagraphy ?? what doe this use for?

the time mapping , fast slow, normal, or adding the export frame in the video, thats great. for NBA

stop motion 10 frame per second. damn, that weekend project.

slow motion different frame, 24, 100. 慢动作。 解析素材, 时间插值,光流法, 电脑要求高

5 trick, test adding in the video. blending mode, overlay

flim maker note 

1/3 head room, balance , leading line


keep going 

but Ignace Aleya better at the AE. 



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