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Success similar of Steve Jobs

Yishan Wong

So many answers saying “you can’t be the next Steve Jobs” or “you shouldn’t.”  Even an obnoxious one quoting the man himself!  You must find that irritating, much the way people told Steve Jobs all his life that he couldn’t do what he wanted to do, but he did it anyway.  You should be admired for that but no – everyone will laugh at you and say you can’t do it until you just go and do it and turn it into the world’s most valuable company.

Those people are naysayers.  They think they are being clever telling you why you can’t do it.  This answer will tell you how you can.

1. Identify your growth industry
You will need work in a fast-growing industry with the potential to impact a lot of people’s lives.  Jobs worked in computers.  Computers are still a growth industry, but you could also consider biotechnology, alternative energy, or even commercial space travel.  I’m sure there are others.

2. Become close friends with a technical genius in that field
Steve Jobs had Steve Wozniak.  He (largely) didn’t build products himself.  He understood the technology well enough, but more than that he understoodpeople and marketing.  Find a technical genius low on ego who is building something truly revolutionary, partner with him, and then market and sell the shit out of that product.

3. Gain a larger perspective
Travel to different cultures, take mind-expanding drugs, whatever – ensure that you have experiences that the rest of your peers do not.

4. Learn about people and understand their desires
You must do this in order to successfully market and sell things, and to create compelling products that fulfill people’s deepest needs.

5. Rinse and repeat
Use the success from your first venture to recruit more technical geniuses, push them very very hard to create truly groundbreakingly useful things, ensure that they satisfy some deep need people have, and then market and sell the shit out of those things.


Being an asshole and taking a big public fall aren’t necessary to becoming another Steve Jobs.  Those were side-effects of the demons that drove him.  What is important is that after those setbacks, he did not stop doing what he was doing, and merely learned to do it better.  Thus, the last lesson:

6. Don’t let anything stop you
You are also going to fail a lot.  The better you do, the bigger the next step will be that you try for, and the larger the potential failure.  At some point you will fail.  You will fail hard.  Don’t let that stop you.

Get to work.

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