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What is the best advice your mother ever gave you?

Katie Birtles

Drink more water.

My mother thinks that water is the remedy to every common ailment.

Got a headache? Drink water.

Feeling tired? Drink water.

Feeling nauseous? Drink water.

Feeling hungry but you just ate? Drink some more water instead.

She preached the importance of good hydration at every chance she got.

“If you’re thirsty you’re already dehydrated!”

“Your wee should be clear, not yellow!”

“You haven’t drank enough water today!”

She would freeze water in the bottoms of bottles and top it up with fresh water in the morning, so we could have cold water to drink throughout our school day.

We were never given poisonous, sugary soft drinks. Only water or milk-based drinks. And sometimes watered down cordials and juices as a treat.

She would even make myself and my siblings drink a glass of water before we left the house every morning.

As a child, I complained about all this fuss. But as I grow older, as it happens, I’ve come to see the wisdom in the practice.

I get dehydrated very easily, and feel sick, fatigued and highly irritated. Now, I constantly carry a water bottle with me, sipping from it regularly throughout the day.

This helps me to keep me alert, energised and my mood elevated. I’m ever thankful to my mum for instilling this habit in me!

I’ve even (reluctantly) noticed myself starting to sound like my mother.

“Drink more water… you’ll feel better!”

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