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Philips Candle LED Bulb Teardown

$2.5 Philips 5W LED Candle Bulb Teardown


The Philips LED Bulb looks cool! The Golden appearance seems selling in China Mainland. Do you think this color is same as Iphone’s color.


Model 9290011681B
Wattage 5 W
CCT 2700 K
Ra 80
Lumen 350 lm
Input Voltage 220 -240 Vac
Life 10000 Hours
Dimension 36 * 106 mm
Input Current 40 mA
Original Make In China


The deciding factor for the lifetime of LEDs is the operating temperature. Therefore, LED lamps with higher power consumption (eg 8 W) have a higher luminous flux, but often also a higher temperature and thus a potentially lower lifetime than a lamp of the same size with lower power consumption (eg 5 W).

Often the lifetime data between different manufacturers can not be compared as the criteria selection has not yet been standardized. For example, one manufacturer assumes a luminous flux decrease to 70% as a criterion for the end of life, while another one 50%. Furthermore, different default rates are used.

Sometimes an ambient temperature of max. 35 ° C, the typical life but related to 25 ° C ambient temperature of the lamp, which is unrealistic for many lights because of the disabled convection. Thus, the values ​​are idealized and not reproducible at the consumer.

In the coming years, however, substantial standardization by the market and the legislature can be expected, similar to the conversion of the luminous flux to classic incandescent lamps (“… corresponds to 60 W”) in the course of the ban on incandescent lamps .



Similar to other LED bulbs, LED filament lamps contain blue and partly red LEDs (the latter for a higher color rendering index and a warmer color temperature). These are covered with a fluorescent layer, which fills the still missing middle part of the light spectrum. In contrast to the compact fluorescent lamp, the spectrum is relatively continuous and has no extremely prominent tips of individual colors.

Surface temperature 

The glass bulbs of most models can be easily touched even after prolonged use because of the lower overall performance. This is often not the case with compact fluorescent lamps or LED lamps with heatsinks, for example, since their sockets, including ballast electronics, heat up so much that prolonged contact may cause skin burns after prolonged use.

Life Testing

Day 1 2018-01-21

Day 2 2018-01-28


JD Philips LED Candle Bulb

Philips LED Candle Bulb

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