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How do I become world class at what I do?

You want to be world class? Here are my 10 steps.

  1. Practice 8 to 14 hours every single day the skill you want to be world-class at.
  2. Ensure every time you practice this skill you practice is perfectly and exactly the way you want the final product or service to be. (Think you are being watched on CNN as you practice that skill)
  3. Be absolutely obsessed about this passion/skill of yours where you give up anything and everything – from relationships, hobbies to other interests
  4. Invest every possible bit of your time, effort, money, and life into your skill
  5. Have a mindset that you would rather die than do anything else other than this skill.
  6. You should be able to give up and sacrifice anything and anyone to achieve success in this skill – ethically or otherwise.
  7. You should be able to use, misuse and overuse any resource possible just to achieve success in this skill
  8. You should be prepared to sell anything and anyone for this skill – and I mean anything and everything.
  9. You should never have an exit strategy or plan B where it comes on earning, living and existing for this skill.
  10. This is the only skill you should be known for and exist for. This should become your sole and only purpose in life.

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