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Do you know elephant has love?


Love is each animal treasure. Some one may say dog has more.

Scientific studies show that elephants are some of the most social, intelligent, and compassionate animals. They are proficient tool users and cooperative problem solvers.

Via Youtube

In Northern Thailand, the Elephant Nature Park cares for baby elephant rescues. Employees and volunteers work tirelessly to ensure that these elephants that have been abandoned for one reason or another are nursed back to health. The appreciation that elephants have for the workers is evident in this clip.

The sweet elephant in the video is named Kham La. At not quite six years old, she’s still a youngster.

Elephant Nature Park is an elephant rescue and rehabilitation center in Chang Mai province in northern Thailand. They offer a natural environment for rescued elephants, dogs, cats, buffalo, and other creatures. Visitors can feed, walk with, and observe the elephants as they go about their day. As an added benefit, the park’s elephants don’t have to carry people on their backs, unlike at other preserves.

Kham La was born at a trekking camp in Kanchanaburi, Thailand, to a working mom, Mae Sai Ngern. Taken from her mother, she was “broken” so she would submit to human control, and then trained as a performing elephant.

After being rescued and sent to Elephant Nature Park, Kham La was eventually reunited with her mom, but the elder elephant was too traumatized to reattach. In the meantime, other nanny elephants are reportedly considering taking the youngster under their wing. Either way, there’s always Darrick.

Riding in on his tractor, one worker films the moment that the elephants realize he is coming their way. Leading the herd is 6-month-old Kham La. When she sees Darrick, she runs up to him along with three others for some affection. Darrick reaches out and pets her to say hello, and the elephant starts vocalizing her joy.

This encounter is both delightful and heartwarming. Naturally a charging herd of elephants would alert most humans to danger, but not this crew, they are all about love.

I think we can get that sense from Kham La and Darrick’s friendship.


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