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Drone Footage Of A Paddleboarder With Whales

Jaimen Hudson is an Australian photographer who specializes in aerial drone videography. This incredible video of his was shot just off Fourth Beach near Esperance, a coastal town in Western Australia.

Speaking to ABC News, Hudson said he heard that a couple of southern right whales had been spotted near the beach. He raced down, set up his equipment on the footpath and got the film rolling. “Dave Price, who lives close by, was just making his way over to the whales on his stand-up paddle board and they were really inquisitive and came over to meet him,” Hudson explained.

It’s estimated there are only a 10,000 southern right whales in the world, however their numbers are on the up since hunting has decreased. They are found in the Southern Hemisphere from temperate to polar latitudes. Their thick layer of insulating blubber means they can’t swim through the tropical equatorial waters without overheating.

Along with the beautiful footage, you gain a real sense of how sensitive and intelligent these vast creatures are. Of course, it’s helped along by a serene rendition of John Lennon’s “Imagine” performed by Jack Johnson.

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